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In Synaptic Package Manager, add the following apt-line (repository link):

deb http://debian.yacy.net ./

Register repository key:

sudo apt-key advanced --keyserver pgp.net.nz --recv-keys 03D886E7

Update and install:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install openjdk-7-jre-headless #only a headless version is needed
sudo apt install yacy

You only need to set an admin password if you want access to admin configuration from remote machines, or local password protection. Otherwise admin configuration is only accessible from localhost (without a password).


The YaCy daemon will start once installed, and on bootup thereafter. To control the YaCy daemon manually:

sudo service yacy stop

service yacy start
sudo service yacy restart

To disable YaCy (no start on bootup, manual start only):

sudo update-rc.d yacy disable
#disable for next bootup, note it is not an upstart service
sudo service yacy stop #also stop immediately

See also http://www.yacy-websuche.de/wiki/index.php/En:DebianInstall#Important_File_Locations


Once YaCy is installed and running, visit http://localhost:8090


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