Stock messages (to send or respond with)


Please name your CC license explicity

Thanks for sharing your content under a Creative Commons license!

To avoid ambiguity, would you mind updating your (footer / page) to say exactly which license you are using? This makes it easier when checking compatibility with other content-sharing sites (such as Wikipedia).

So, instead of <TEXT> say <LICENSE>.

So, instead of "Creative Commons license" say "CC BY-NC 4.0".


Please review FSD entry

I recently (added an entry for / updated the entry for) <YOUR SOFTWARE> on the Free Software Directory, you can find it here:


Please let me know if there are any further changes I can make. Alternatively you can create an account and edit it yourself. Note that changes are moderated, and FSD content is licensed under FDL 1.3+ (see for details).

Please update to CC-BY-SA 4.0

TODO: list benefits, note how easy it is

Please stop commenting on this Launchpad bug

Add to the top of the description:

WARNING: This bug has been widely reported and has many automatic subscribers. Please be considerate.

If you need help: Search for the error message on or and post there if you need more (link back to this bug for clarity). For hands-on help, try contacting a nearby user group (see or search for a "Linux User Group" in your area). Note that the "Ask Ubuntu" website is not for bugs (but is very helpful in other cases).

If you want to unsubscribe: Visit <URL>/+subscribe (You can also change your settings so you don't get comments but do get notified when the bug is solved - see for details.)

If you want to comment: Please consider if you have something meaningful to contribute to the <NUMBER> people who will get an email. Rather wait for a request from an Ubuntu developer.

If you are an Ubuntu developer: Thanks for looking into this! :D

Example (early version):

TODO: genericise as a template for other bug hosts

CC0 / Public domain dedication To the extent possible under law, d3vid seaward has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to "Stock messages (to send or respond with) in Grasmere notebook, including code snippets" (why? how?)