A platform for sustainable crowdfunding of free/libre projects.
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Crowdfunding research

See :crowdfunding for links to research by the Snowdrift team


Non-profit, no escrow, etc.

Issues and thoughts

Bug: Wiki links in feed
Feed generates links for wiki edits like - links fail.
Also, could feed include more content?

Query: how does feed work?
Supplies RSS or HTML depending, or is it hAtom?

Enhancement: Git everything
Make wiki, tickets and discussion all available (and writable) via version control (probably Git).
Related to
Temporary workaround: web crawl a project (data license permits it!)

Enhancement: Search
Filter on project / type (wiki/discussion/ticket)
Workaround: use search engine

Backlinks: antidote crowdfunding fsf:hpp:coalition

CC0 / Public domain dedication To the extent possible under law, d3vid seaward has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to " in Grasmere notebook, including code snippets" (why? how?)