Plotting with Python.
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Conceptual introduction (good to read if you have to dive in)

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pip installation on Ubuntu

This is an easy way to install all non-Python dependencies on :ubuntu before doing a :python:pip installation:

sudo apt-get build-dep python-matplotlib
# installs dependencies of the system version
# (does not install the system version itself)
pew workon your_virtualenv
# enter your virtualenv as usual, you may use a different tool to do this
pip install matplotlib
# installs matplotlib (and all python dependencies like numpy) from pypi

Note this installs all dependencies (for all matplotlib components, including optional components that you may not use). The benefit is: easy installation, future-proofing. The cost is: bandwidth/download time. This method doesn't account for: brand new dependencies (if pip version > system version and very new dependencies have been introduced) — in this case you'll need to do it the traditional way (find what's breaking and consult documentation/support).


Generating plots for static HTML

Rough dataflow for plots in static HTML
data > numpy > matplotlib > image > jinja2 template > static html

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