Package management for Windows applications. Installs applications globally for all users to access.
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Consider Chocolatey as a Windows distribution channel

Chocolatey is a distribution tool for Windows applications, including many free software applications (for example, It allows an end-user to get application updates somewhat like using apt or yum on GNU/Linux.

Please consider it as a distribution channel for your Windows builds.

Pin failing packages

After posting the error message, you can pin a failing package while waiting for a fix:

choco pin add -n=PACKAGE_NAME

In some cases you'll need to pin PACKAGE_NAME and PACKAGE_NAME.install (if it's actually the .install package that has the problem).


Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass
# temporarily allow script execution

iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(''))
# downloads and runs chocolatey installation script

choco install ChocolateyGUI -source -pre
# installs GUI (unofficial prerelease, includes PowerShell update)


Usage (from Command Prompt or PowerShell)

choco install <PACKAGENAME>
# install application

choco update <PACKAGENAME>
# update single application

choco update
# update all applications

Usage (from ChocolateyGUI)

Install from ChocolateyGUI:

Update from ChocolateyGUI:


Graphical interface for Chocolatey-based package management.
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Package management for software libraries on Windows. Underlying mechanism for Chocolatey.
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Scripted :microsoft:windows environments (using Chocolatey).
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