Script named for Scafell Pike, and a popular account of its ascent by Dorothy Wordsworth. These are the scripts are used to publish a Grasmere notebook and (will eventually) manipulate and cross-check the data. Now just a half-baked plan to cross-check notebook data.
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There is no earthly reason to use such a motely crew of VCS hosts. I do it only as an excuse to try them out (and I get away with it because the requirements for collaboration on this project are nil).
FIXME: this is all out of date, I now use GitLab Pages

Raw :zim files. CC0 content (no code).
Stored on :launchpad using :bzr - see

Static HTML files generated from Zim files. CC0 content (no code).
Stored on :github using :git - see

grasmere-parser (Scafell proper)
Scripts to tidy and parse content. AGPLv3+ code (no data/content).
Stored ??? using :hg - see ???

grasmere-util (Scafell helper scripts)
Utility scripts to execute parser and upload content. AGPLv3+ code (no data/content).
Stored on :chiselapp using :fossil - see

For copying/cloning instructions, see "How?" under :sharing

Export/upload script

Script to export and publish this notebook to

Checklist update script


Checklist compare script


Zim cleanup script

HTML cleanup script


Post export cleanup script:

Tagging doesn't export


HTML Export in :zim doesn't seem to do anything with tags, perhaps use post-export script to replace with :tag:name links? Or just :name for most cases and :about:name for meta cases (like "poorly maintained", "missing X").

Using checklists provides a taggingish mechanism.

Backlinks: about:checklist about:copying about:page-template about:checklist:example

CC0 / Public domain dedication To the extent possible under law, d3vid seaward has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to "Scafell in Grasmere notebook, including code snippets" (why? how?)