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A kitchen-sink template for a Grasmere page. Begins with a brief (possibly editorialised) description worthy of Simple English Wikipedia.
web | feed | conduct | project | documentation | issues | [license]

Stable PPA | ppa:name (if required)
Ubuntu packages | package-name package-name (or none)
Other distributions | choco debian guix
Other listings | alternativeto fsd fresh openhub openhatch ubuntuwiki wikidata wikipedia
Alternatives | :link :link (if they exist, list free alternatives to this free entry)
Free replacements | :link :link (if possible, list free entries that replace this non-free one)
Free replacement for | :link :link (if they exist, list non-free entries replaced by this free one)
See also | :link :link (if required)



If installation is non-trivial, add instructions here.



If configuration is non-trivial or there are strong recommendations, add instructions here.



Maybe some more text here.

#multiline instructions
#for code and command line directives
#with comments

Subtitle 2

More notes and options. If there is a lot of text, link to a subpage instead (see next section).

Little sections
Little sections get a bold heading, not a proper heading. Use when large headings don't make sense. See :about:script for an example.

Little project sections
These are little sections for projects that include links. Full list of links not required. Could also fall under a subtitle.
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Subtitle for a subpage

See :link

Further reading


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