CC0 inputs > raw data, public domain
CC0 destinations > anywhere (incl. proprietary)

FDL-only inputs > CC0 inputs + BY-only + FDL-only + FDL&SA
FDL-only destinations > FDL-only

SA-only inputs > CC0 inputs + BY-only + SA-only + FDL&SA
SA-only destinations > SA-only

FDL&SA inputs > CC0 inputs + BY + FDL&SA (not FDL only a
FDL&SA destinations > FDL-only + SA-only + FDL&SA

Code/scripts: release separately under Apache 2.0 (because trivial)
Data: release separately under CC0 (because trivial)

Explicit examples:

Quadruple copyfree license:

Triple copyleft license:

Content and code snippets can be included in:

Content and code snippets cannot be included in:

CC0 / Public domain dedication To the extent possible under law, d3vid seaward has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to "Switch? in Grasmere notebook, including code snippets" (why? how?)