This notebook documents the free software configurations, tweaks and mashups that I use. (Typically in the context of Debian-based distributions, with some Android and Windows interoperability thrown in, and footnotes from the wider GNU/verse.) While there are no guarantees that everything is up-to-date and correct, I hope it may be of some use to other users and documenters.



Every time I need to repeat a configuration trick or share it with someone, I find myself rustling up the same links or, more likely, re-discovering them after 5 minutes of searching. Uploading my desktop wiki will hopefully alleviate that problem and, who knows, maybe sprout some daffodils. The value of recording raw observations rather than (never getting round to) writing some wundermanual reminded me of the Grasmere Journal, hence this is a Grasmere notebook.

Explicit sharing

Many technical professionals make blog posts when they get themselves unstuck, but don't explicitly license their text for reuse or sharing. An explicit sharing license (permissive or copyleft) enables convenient reuse in manuals, textbooks, Stack Exchange and more. This notebook uses the CC0 public domain declaration. Feel free to use, copy, share, modify, adapt and downright steal.

(lack of) Structure

I aim for a mostly flat list of allsorts: abstractions, applications, daemons, libraries and packages. Any additional structure is transient and, with courage in my heart, I absolve myself of responsibility for dead links. See the frontispiece for a search link. (working on it)

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CC0 / Public domain dedication To the extent possible under law, d3vid seaward has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to "about in Grasmere notebook, including code snippets" (why? how?)